Welcome to another dream...


An extraordinary adventure story to the end of the "line"


... or your worst nightmare



“A true story…
that shouldn’t even exist !”

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“Metaphor of a world of struggle
for uncompromising domination”

Some features



Philgood level 1 message code capture 5

Find each Codes and Secret Symbols…

But you still have to find
the key !


Varied Gameplay

Philgood level 1 capture 7 - croppedPhilgood level 1-1/4 Tutoriel capture h1

Escape, fights, resources saving , moving objects, clues finding, leaks repair.
Solve all puzzles based on speed, skill and reflection or all 3 at once…

But above all,
collect water and life bars.


Resurrection Bank

Philgood Resurrection-Bank Room 1 capture 2

Death, never really definitive, is only a passage to another facet to understand this mysterious universe.

It might even be able
to entertain you !


Mystery and Narrative

Philgood bandeau fond 1

An absolute and formidable evil, saboteur who can strike anywhere and at any time.

The further we go,
the more we wonder if we were right to come ?


Solve Puzzles

Philgood Enigme Water capture 2

A good dose of reflection.

Because rapidity isn’t always
the best solution !

Couché soleil 1

An atmosphere...

…with original music


I offer you a music sample

The Original soundtrack will be available after the official release
of the game (date to be determined).


by Phil Bod | Philgoodgame - 18 extracts - Ambiance BETA

“A very lively line made up of trials, traps and obstacles,
the line of life and death…”

Last News

PhilGood is born !

PhilGood is born !

I Published my First Indie Game Demo After 660 Days of Development.
Hi everyone! I am so happy to announce that PHILGOOD is now available for free in BETA version for everyone to download.
I’ve been nursing this project since …

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“You won’t come out of it unscathed…”


About Bodgamestudio

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Hello, my name is Philippe Bodenghien but more simply Phil Bod.

I’am an indie game developper since 2017 and I founded this Belgian game studio.

I try to create entertaining and unique games.
But also a reflection on the current world for gamers who want to see further…


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Come and join me in following my adventures …